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METADIUM Guidelines

Swapping Meta

Our team put together guidelines on how to swap your META tokens to META coins.
The easiest and fastest way to swap your META tokens to META coins is to import your Private Key to our native Keepin application.
Download Keepin and register Private Key of your wallet holding META through "Add META Wallet" feature provided in Keepin. Once registered they will be automatically swapped to META coins.

Here is a walkthrough video guide.

Guide for people who have META in their hardware wallets
(Nano Ledger S, Trezor)
To go through the process, you need to have Metamask. For more information on Metamasks, visit https://www.metamask.io

ATTENTION: Make sure your Gas Price (GWEI) is set to 80 when sending META.
Guide for people who have META in their wallet applications
Currently, we're working with My Crypto Wallet to support the token swap for META. If you hold META in My Crypto Wallet and need to swap your tokens fast, we recommend registering Private Key through "Add META Wallet" feature provided in Keepin. If you prefer not to input your private key, you'll need to wait until My Crypto Wallet enables support for Metadium Network. This will depend on their schedule and we can't guarantee the exact date.

If you hold your META with Key Store File (.json file) please refer to Guide #6 below.
Smart contract
For those who have META in the smart contracts in Ethereum Mainnet, please send us an email to [email protected] with a subject line [META Smart Contract] and we will support you individually.
META on Exchanges
If you hold META on any of our official exchanges (Upbit, Bittrex International, KuCoin, Coinsuper, ABCC) no actions are required as the tokens will be automatically swapped by the time exchanges re-open withdrawal and deposit services.
Key Store File
(Private Key stored as a .json file)
Those who have a private key of the wallet as a .json file, please refer to the following steps:
Other cases
If you couldn't find your case from the list above, please fill out contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Contact Us
If you have questions considering the token swap contact us here.
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