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Metadium’s token sale window is now closed. Please be cautious of any person or party claiming to be a representative of Metadium and offering additional sales. Any and all official announcement and release of Whitepaper will be be conducted through this website.

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What is Metadium?

Metadium is a blockchain ecosystem that allows for the expansion of blockchain platform. Metadium aims to accomplish complete-digitalization of real world. Metadium solves the issue of on-line trust identity and formulates firm connections between identities.


  • Meta-ID
    1. Personal Identity
    2. Device Identity
    3. Contents Identity
  • Open Payment
    1. New payment service integrated with the Meta-ID platform in which user verification and payment information are linked
  • E-Wallet
    1. App based E-Wallet function for META which users will receive as reward for ID verification and registration.
  • Personalized Token Management
    1. Generation and circulation of personalized token based on META that helps to develop brand new business model
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Metadium Team

  • Ryan Uhr
    Chief Executive Officer
    Ryan is a tech-focus serial entrepreneur. He started his career as a developer of CDMA system software in the mobile division at Hyundai Electronics (currently, SK Hynix). After Hyundai Electronics, he co-founded CDMA network equipment startup, Exio Communications which was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2000. At Cisco Systems, Ryan worked as an engineering director in the mobile wireless group. He also co-founded Celizion, the technology startup for mobile wireless and interior/exterior positioning system, as a CTO in 2004. Ryan has BS in Electronic Engineering from Korea University.
  • Jeffrey Song
    Chief Technology Officer
    Jeffrey is the Chief Security Officer of Coinplug Inc. which is the prominent blockchain research and development company in Korea. He has designed and developed various cryptocurrency-based systems including payment, authentication, and notary services. He also has more than 80 patents in relation to blockchain technologies. He is widely cited blockchain expert, and has considerable in-depth knowledge on public and private blockchain sectors. He has BS degree in Electronic Engineering from Hongik University and achieved his Ph.D in Electiric Engineering and Computer Science from Universty of British Columbia.
  • Richard Yun
    Chief Operating Officer
    Richard is a successful entrepreneur with deep expertise in Finance, M&A and Operations. Being one of the earliest pioneers of blockchain technology, he worked a great deal to introduce cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to enterprises in Korea. His career started at Exio communications Inc. as a department lead of Finance, M&A and Operations. Under his lead, Exio communications Inc. was successfully acquired by Cisco Systems Inc. at $165 million in 2000. After Exio communications, Richard worked for Cisco Systems, Inc. and Mobile Agent Technology, Inc. as a Finance & Business Development specialist. Then, he founded the company called Conaxtech, Inc. which is tech-based satellite receiver company. He obtained his BA in Economics from University of California at Berkeley.
  • Joon Park
    Head of Business Development
    Joon is a business professional with more than 10 years of experience in venture capital and business development. Before he joined the blockchain industry, he has worked for LG, CJ, and SBI investment as an investment professional where he focused on TMT including AI, e-commerce, digital healthcare and mobile service. He started his career as an engineer at Cisco Systems. He has BS in Mechanical Engineering from Yonsei University and MBA from the Anderson school of management of UCLA. He is also a CFA charterholder.
  • Songyi Lee
    Communication Guru
    Songyi Lee is the co-founder of 37coins, a startup empowering the world’s unbanked population by providing access to Bitcoin through a decentralized SMS network. 37coins has been strongly supported by bitcoin enthusiasts as an innovative financial platform for emerging economies. Since she left her company in 2015 she has focused her work on the topic of the future of work and true entrepreneurship. Recently she started the new project, Bsalon - a living lab for the future - where she incubates the idea of the future of entrepreneurship, collaborative economy, and the new type of organization.
  • Hyeongbae Kim
    Software Developer
    Hyeongbae Kim is a professional developer with deep experiences in a variety of financial service & security systems including Smart Card, NFC, BLE, Secure Element, Fido, etc. Currently, he is working at leading blockchain technology company, Coinplug Inc., as a platform & service developer. He has participated in developing Blockchain based Authentication & Single Sign-On platform, Vault Wallet system, and many more. He obtained his BA in Computer Science from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.
  • Gijin Bang
    Software Developer
    Gijin Bang is a developer with a deep understanding of blockchain technology. He has worked with several startups before joining Coinplug. Currently, he is working as a Dapp developer of Coinplug and Crypto-entertainer. He obtained his BA in Physics from Korea University.
  • Daeun Lee
    Software Developer
    Daeun Lee is a mobile focused developer with multiple programming experience. She is always passionate about adopting new technology. With eager to prosper the vision of blockchain technology, she has joined Coinplug and is currently working on blockchain based mobile service development. She obtained her BA in Computer Science from Korea National Open University.
  • Suzie Lee
    Suzie Lee is a highly experienced GUI & visual contents designer who has worked a wide-range of clients including real estate, O2O service solution, web agency, education, and so on. With her specialty in branding design, she mainly designed website & mobile GUI. Working at a web agency, she participated in LG Electronics nethard project. Then, she worked at an education institution, megaMD, as a head of design department. Utilizing her robust experience in design, she always tries her best in seeking suitable solutions for problems. She obtained her BA in Industrial Design from Sahmyook University.
  • Natalie Lim
    Business Developer
    Natalie Lim started her career at KDB Daewoo Securities and built insights in the field of investment. At Mirae Asset Daewoo Equity Derivative Trading, she worked as a ETPs & Derivatives Market Maker. Currently, she joined Metadium team as a business developer with her passion to change the world with blockchain technology.
  • Jessica Lee
    Business Developer
    Jessica has a BA degree in Philosophy from Korea University, and she is deeply interested in the emergence of a new paradigm based on blockchain technology. She started her career as a PR/Marketer at an IT start-up. After she joined the blockchain industry, she took part in various B2B projects related to blockchain technology in Coinplug, Inc. Based on her experiences, she is recently in charge of business development & service planning of the exchange services.
  • Jun Byeon
    Business Developer
    Jun Byeon received B.A. degree in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin and is currently working at Coinplug Inc. as a business developer of Blockchain Business Development department. With his passion to make a difference in the world, he participated in many of the Blockchain tech. based B2B projects. In addition, he is actively working on research and business development in the industry.
  • Munk Seo
    Munk is a business professional with a strong technical background. He started his career as a process management system engineer / developer at Samsung SDS. As a first generation in-house venture of Samsung (Naver, DesignStorm, UniPlaza), he dove into Fintech business with the field of online shopping & e-payment. After in-house venture, he founded Allat Inc., prepaid card & e-payment company under e-Samsung Group. Under his lead, Allat's business successfully grew to be ranked 4th in e-payment market share with 2.4 trillion KRW of billing amount. Then, he joined Galaxia communications as a Fintech specialist, and worked on blockchain business including video service platform, pre-paid card services, etc. Currently, he is working at Coinplug Inc. as a head of Blockchain Business Department.


  • Bo Shen
    Bo Shen is a Founding Partner of FenBuShi Capital, first venture capital firm that invests exclusively in blockchain-enabled companies. He also co-founded Invictus Innovations, the team behind BitShares
  • Roger Ver
    Roger has served as the full time CEO of, directly employing about 30 people, and serving happy customers around the world. Over the last decade, under Roger's leadership, Memory Dealers has grown to become a world leader in the used Cisco memory and networking equipment industry. In early 2011 Roger discovered Bitcoin, the most important invention in the history of the world since the internet. MemoryDealers became the first mainstream business to accept bitcoins as payment, and Roger has since become the most prolific Bitcoin related startup investor.
  • Jack Liu
    Jack Liu is a founding partner of J.L. Partners, and is a widely-recognized key opinion leader and entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency and digital asset community. He has been featured by Bloomberg and has been hosted at numerous public and private speaking events to provide insight and education on key industry trends. He served as Chief Strategy Officer of OKCoin and co-founded the company's subsequent platforms OKLinks and OKEx. He currently serves as Head of Trading, Asia Pacific, at Circle.
  • Vincent Zhou
    Vincent is founding partner of FBG Capital, with extensive experience in digital assets trading and investment. Vincent is also an early investor of a broad spectrum of blockchain companies and projects. He is considered as one of the most well-connected and visionary crypto hedge fund managers in Asia.
  • Renqi Shen
    Renqi is part of the investment team at Fenbushi Capital, joining the firm in 2016. He primarily focuses on finding companies with disruptive solutions enabling blockchain technology to solve spontaneous real world problems. His investments includes portfolio companies that span across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. He has now taken an active role in a subsidiary of Fenbushi Capital overseeing deals in crypto-assets.
  • Kyungmo Kim
    Mr. Kyungmo Kim, a director at Mirae Asset Venure Investment. He is leading investment in various internet/mobile tech companies across sectors at Mirae Asset. Prior to Mirae Asset, Kyungmo was a consultant at Accenture’s retail practice. Kyungmo hold BS in Chemical Engineering from Seoul National University.
  • Yiseul Cho
    Yiseul is a highly influencial entrepreneur and startup accelerator in the blockchain industry. She participated in a lot of ICO projects as an advisor including ICON, Medibloc, Waves platform, Nucleus vision, Beetoken, and so on. She studied at MIT and started her career at Facebook. Then, she continued her career in London as a managing director of Zen9 in 2015. After Zen9, she joined HSBC HQ for its first ever Blockchain team as blockchain engineer. She participated in Consensus hackathon in 2016 with drone blockchain protocol, and won the 1st place. Also, she ran Hyperledger London as a founder & organizer. Currently, she works as a founder of Perceptra Network, a blockchain startup accelerator.


  • BlockAsset
  • Connect Capital
  • FBG Capital
  • Arrington XRP Capital
  • Kenetic Capital
  • GBIC
  • BlockTower Capital
  • Chain Rock Capital
  • 500 Startups
  • J LAB
  • Blue Block
  • Block Crafters Capital
  • LD Capital

Technology Partner

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